Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Organisation: College

I would think i'm a pretty organized person. As in my room at home I have my wardrobe organized and i'm very ocd about it. I have a it organized in a way that all jumpers are together, all skirts, all dresses, all jeans and all tops are all kept together. If someone hangs up a top beside my dresses it actually frustrates me. I also have my make up organised I have brushes in one bag and make up in the other.

College is something I most definitely am not organised for. That's college work that I mean. I leave everything last minute and only do it when the due date is about 3/2/1 day away. Which sometime is grand i'll get away with it but then other times i'm literally felt with no time if I try to fit some sleep in there too. Ino i'm not they only one out there that is the exact same. More than likely the majority of people are the same as me.

So for next semester I've told myself that I must at least try and do my work and get it out of the way ASAP. Some people try to tell themselves this over and over again but in fairness I never tell myself i'm try be more organised cause I know i'd only be fooling myself. But this time now I think I will put in a bit of effort and try. Hopefully it won't be hard to stick to because it would just be a weight off my shoulders when I finish it and don't have to worry about it anymore.

So if your like me then maybe join me for the second semester and try do your work ASAP and be more organised... it might not suit you some people actually work better under pressure. Which I think I'm not to bad at but ill give this ago anyways and see.

Friday, 25 November 2016

Blogger Alert

Aideen Kate Murphy is another person I follow on instagram. I've actually followed her with a good while but it was only recently that I found out she had a blog and also a youtube channel. I must say she is amazing. She is always love and tanned which is what i like and its handy because ill be able to go by the colour of foundations she says she uses since I like the darkness she goes with her make up.

She is a very sweet girl you can tell this through her snapchat. Ill leave all her details below for ye to check her out:

Snapchat: Aideenkatemua
Instagram: aideenkatemua
Youtube: Aideenkatemakeup


Thursday, 24 November 2016


With black friday being tomorrow I thought I'd share a few discount codes and stores that have discounts on there products.

Missguided 35% student discount

PrettyLittleThings 50% discount

Public Desire 30% discount

Topshop 50% discount

Asos 20% discount

Seeing as today is thursday there will more then likely be more discount up tomorrow and even better ones. I cant imagine people having a lot of lucky on missguideds pages as it usually shuts down our your on a waiting list to get on it.

Hope Everyone Enjoy the sales x

Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Blogger Alert

I love when I find a new person to follow on instagram, youtube, facebook or snapchat. For instance a really good person for tips and tricks on make up and fitness and fashion etc. I think i let this become a thing where when I find a person that I think is really good at what they do and if i'm interested in what they do I'll share it with ye so ye can also follow them... if you want.

So the lady I discovered is on instagram youtube and snapchat. she is actually more than likely on facebook as well, i'll have to check that out. Her name is Ali Darcy. She is by the looks of it an amazing make up artist and she is absolutely gorgeous! She also has a blog which is very very good and has really good tips. Everyone should really check it out its a good read.

Instagram: Makeupbyalidarcy
Snapchat: iamthealicat
Blog: Makeupbyalidarcy

and she does actually have a facebook account its: Makeup by Ali Darcy.


Friday, 18 November 2016

Cloud10beauty // BeautyBay Buys

I've never bought anything from cloud10beauty or beauty bay until today. Not for any reason mainly just because I never had money and also because I only recently enough found out about the websites. I cant wait to see how fast the shipping is and to see if I got everything I ordered and if the stuff I bought was good. I have a feeling ill be buying a lot from these websites in the future.

They have so much brands available that we cant buy in Ireland which is such a great help when you want to purchase something in the US but you have to pay so mucn on taxes when they are shipped to Ireland.

Anyways so today I purchased just a few bits from both sites.


Spectrum Tulip Powder Brush C03
Image result for Spectrum Tulip Powder Brush C03

Spectrum Buffing Concealer Brush B03
Image result for Spectrum Buffing Concealer Brush B03

Spectrum oval Concealer Brush A18
Image result for Spectrum Oval Concealer Brush A18

Blank Canvas Small Socket Blender E10
Image result for Blank Canvas Small Socket Blender E10

I can't wait to see how these brushes work and if they are as good as what i'v heard about them. I love the colours of the Spectrum Brushes they are so cool.


Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade Soft Brown 4g

Image result for Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade Soft Brown 4g

Morphe Brushes B74 Angle Liner/Spoolie Brush

Image result for Morphe Brushes B74 Angle Liner/Spoolie Brush

Spectrum A02 Angled Foundation Brush

Image result for Spectrum AO2 Angled Foundation Brush

I got two liner brushes and two pots of the anastasia brow gel one of each for my sister for christmas. They have a guide to help you choose what colour will best suit you which is very helpful. Once again I bought another Spectrum Brush as i'm on the hunt for a good foundation brush that I really like.
I'm excited to try the anastasia beverly hills brow gel to see if its as good as everyone says it is.

I'll Fill ye in on how I find the products when I get them.


Wednesday, 16 November 2016


So i'm looking to get my nails done for christmas. I love getting acrylics done because they last that bit longer. I've never actually had gel nails done before by my friend usually gets gels I they last for about 2-3 week usually whereas i'd definitely get 4 weeks out of the acrylics. The only thing tho is how bad my nails are after the acrylics come off. I usually just wait till they fall off or I pull them off. Which I know is SO bad and doesn't help my problem at all but I just cant justify paying bout €15 to get them taken off.

The shape is a tough decision also because you see so many pretty pictures on instagram and tumblr and then you get them and there not the same as the picture. I guess that's the same with you hair when you show the hairdresser a picture but you never end up just like the picture.
I love Pointed, square and coffin for shapes when i get my nails done.

I'd like to get a cool colour put on but then i'd be afraid if they wouldn't look good with different outfits and stuff. I guess ill just have to use trial and error to figure that one out and I could always paint over them I suppose. The last time I went to get my nails done I wanted to get a bright orange. My nail lady wasn't really pushing for me to get them and since I was a little nervous I chickened out. Whereas if she was to push me a little I would probably have gone for it. Anyways enough about that I'm just going to post a few different pictures and in the comment if ye could say if ye prefer A, B, C, D, or E ill then get the ones ye recommend.

A - Bright Orange

B - Pale Blue

C- Nude 

D - Deep Redy Burgundy Brown colour

Image result for red acrylic nails

E - Baby Pink

Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Big Brother

I LOVE big Brother!! It's actually like one of my favourite tv shows, If not my favourite. One time when the Uk series was finished I started watching the australian version. That's how much I love it!!

So apparently for the series in the new year there are rumours that Big Brother is bringing back the most memorable house mates from previous series such as Katie Price, Stephen Bear ( who was only there a few months back), Katie Hopkins, Lee Ryan and Perez Hilton and more.

Im so excited if Bear is Back. At the beginning of the last series I thought Bear was so annoying and i really disliked him. After a few days I loved him. He was so funny and made great tv. If I was in the house the same time as him I probably would  have a very different opinion on him but from being on the other side of the screen i really enjoyed watching him.

I also love katie price so if she is in it I cant wait to see her. Unlike Katie Hopkins, I really don't like so i'm not excited to see her as I feel like she will not only wreck my head but the majority of people watching the series. Although she might be entertaining, we wont be long finding out. I just don't understand why people give her attention. She only loves it and i think she is very hypocritical!!

I liked Lee Ryan when he was in the show until he was going back and fourth between Jasmine Waltz and Casey Batchelor. That didn't give him a very good image.

Anyways that's enough rambling from me. I might do another post on this if there is more info released. x

Friday, 11 November 2016

Rob & Chyna Welcome their Baby girl to the World.

Finally Blac Chyna has popped and showed us her beautiful little girl, Dream Renee Kardashian. I'm not such if there is a reason behind the name Dream but Renee is Blac Chyna's middles name aswell.

She is the bop off Rob and Rob's father. Which Rob has posted a photo on instagram.

Dream has already a head full of hair which your able to see in Chyna's snapchat story and instagram.

Friend and family of Rob and Chyna showed their happiness and excitement of the new arrival over twitter.

Thursday, 10 November 2016

Inlgot: Keilidh's Pro Palette

The fabulous Keilidh from Inglot's pro team released her palette this week. Because of this Inglot stores all over the country hosted a night tonight where you where able to purchase the Keilidh palette and also there was 10% off all products.

Keilidh's palette is made up of mainly purple colours and a pinky transfer colour with also a matt black. The colours are absolutely beautiful and all the different looks Keilidh herself and other Inglot girls are so cool and pretty. I'm just not there yet with confidence to try out these out there colours.

Me and on of my friends went to the new Inglot store in waterford. I just bought 4 eyeshadows to add to my little Inglot collection from last week's blog post. I didn't get the Keilidh palette as I don't think I am confident enough yet to use such bright, bold colours. BUT I did buy a purple eyeshadow just to give it a go and I can also pop in and buy a pinky colour when I get better in the coming weeks of the make up course I'm attending.

Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Trump as President

So Unfortunately Donald Trump Won the Presidential election in America. I think I kind of knew he was going to win but now that its reality I'm like woah I didn't think it would ACTUALLY happen... but it did. I honestly don't know how the people of America are coping with this dreadful news.

Listening to the radio and reading different things online there are so many different views on Trump for president.
Some people are just so anti Hillary which is the only reason they voted for Trump not because they actually like him. Which I was as well but I am so uneducated on the background of the candidate all I heard was that she had people killed years ago. I know there is no excuse for that but I came across a video on facebook that showed all the good Hillary has done in the past.
Some people like a lot of celebrities where pro Hillary such as Miley Cyrus, Ariana Grande and Jenifer Lopez to name a few. Miley Cyrus even shared a video of herself crying showing how upset it made her that Hillary lost out to Trump.

As I said above I'm not the most educated on candidates background but from the little bits I've heard over social media and from people Trump a man who has openly admitted to sexually assaulting people, a racist, against the LGBT community and just overall an absolutely horrible person I just don't understand how he is the president of the USA.

I don't think Kanye running for president in 2020 is such a ludicrous idea anymore.

Friday, 4 November 2016

Inglot Haul

Today I decided to just face it and take a trip to Inglot and splash the cash.

Freedom System Flexi Palette Black €22 :

(I also got 4 eyeshadows to start of the palette. €6 each).

Make Up Brush 4ss €22:

HD Perfect Cover Up Foundation €33. (shade 76):

Under Eye Concealer €16. (shade 95) :

Thursday, 3 November 2016

Coats & Jackets

With winter and the cold weather creeping up on us its time to start buying our winter coats and jackets. I love coats and jackets cause I think it can change the look or and outfit and you cant dress them up or dress them down, depending on the type of coat/jacket you have I suppose. Being in college in Waterford you 100% need a good jacket. I cant stress enough how cold it is in Waterford. It's sooooooo much colder then Cork!!!

So I came across both a coat and a jacket that I really like.

The jacket is from missguided and I have ordered it so just waiting for it to arrive to my house. I mainly want to wear this jacket for going out but also it's wearable dressy and casual.

The coats I saw and fell in love with is from boohoo. It's so in fashion and will got great with a lot of different looks.I haven't bought the coat but wish to in the near future. The only thing about this coat is that I have broad shoulders and I'm afraid that it won't sit nicely on me and made me look very broad and square.