Monday, 5 December 2016

New Youtuber to Follow; Sian Walton

OMG so I cant across this girl on instagram I don't remember how but that's besides the point, Her name is Sian Walton. I followed her on instagram not only because she was stunning but she also is very into the gym and I just wanted to follow her as she gives tips and she had an amazing body!!

I then came across her on youtube, one day she just popped up on recommended. So I watches a one or two videos and I was hooked. She gives such good information about workouts and different exercises that I had never tried or knew about it.

She has a video up of her squat routine which is quiet tough but I did give it a go in the gym about two time but I'e been so busy lately I haven't made it to the gym. which is so upsetting because i just feel like a slob when i don't go every now and then.

Anyways if you are into fitness I would 100% recommend her to get healthy and to follow her routines or to even just take advantage while your quite for a while.

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