Thursday, 1 December 2016

Make Up Course Update

I missed my class last week as I was running late and then I just got frustrated and didn't end up going. Then today my boyfriends car wouldn't start so I wasn't able to get home to go to the course which was a pity.

So far my opinion on the course is that it definitely isn't what I expected. The first week we did the face but it was very natural. I usual don't try to match my skin colour and my foundation colour as then I would be getting foundation that is ghost white since its winter. I thought since the teacher wears very dark make up, which I love as ye know, she would show is different looks such as a natural look, a dewy look, a night time look, but we just did a natural enough look with a little contour.

Then for the next two weeks we just did different eye looks. which were nice on some people but they just didn't suit me I don't think, or maybe I just wasn't used to them? Then last week I knew from the week before that in last weeks class we would be doing a pink and purple eye, Which once again i don't think would be my thing. So when I missed tonight's class I wasn't too upset because I assumed we would just be doing another eye look which wouldnt satisfy me.

I'm not trying to say the course is bad I just dont think I got much out of it as I thought I would. 
I think the make up teacher was wonderful and she is extremely talented. I just don't wear extreme eye colour and wear a lot of eyeshadow on my bottom lid.

I have one more class left next week and then im done. I am looking forward to it I hope I enjoy is and learn something new. x

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