Monday, 31 October 2016

Tan Time.

During the summer depending on the weather and if I go abroad I usually don't need to wear tan as my skin tans very well. Unfortunately during the rest of the months on the year especially the winter months I am as pale as a ghost, no word of a lie. So I like to wear tan on nights out and also on my hands or my legs if there are slits in my jeans etc.
So today I want to just tell ye the tans that I use and that work best for me.

Rimmel Sun Shimmer.

I absolutely love this tan. It comes out straight away and also developes for an hour afterwards. This tan lasts for a few days too. It wont just wash straight off after a shower it takes a good scrub to get it off and maybe a few showers. 
Before a festival last year I applied it three days before the festival shower then applied it the next day, showered and applied it again that evening and I swear to god it wasn't one bit streaky or patchy for the whole three days of the festival. Keeping in mind that the festival was three days long!
I always get the dark colour.

Coco Brown.

This is another tan that I love. Some people don't like it that much. Maybe it just suits some peoples skin and not others im not sure. One thing I am sure of is that it does suit my skin. It is never streaky on me or patchy and also is such a nice dark colour, and for those of you who follow my blog you know I like to look tanned. This tan also will last for a few days so your not back to your pale self the next day.

Sally Hansen.

I love the colour of Sally Hansen's Tan but I only like using the cream textured tan as I usually use mouse tan and its so easy to spread and I find the cream easy to spread too. The spray tan I just find once you spray it you quickly have to rub it in trying not to make it streaky or patchy. And once you have a patch its hard to get rid of it or blend it. 
This tan does give you the nicest colour as if your skin was airbrushed!

Thursday, 27 October 2016

Make Up Brushes

A few weeks back before I started my make up course I wanted to buy a new set of brushes as I felt I had to. I decided not to because I was like what if Sarah (Sarah Cummins, my make up teacher) recommends different brushes to what I just bought. And luckily I did wait till I started because even though I may not buy the exact same brushes I know what kind of brushes she uses for different things so I can just buy the same type of just from different brands.
Here are a few different brush brands that are really good and I always hear bloggers I follow on about them.

Nima Brushes
Nima brushes are always the same blue colour tiffany and co. use. I ALWAYS see bloggers such as ruth Burgen and Terrie McEvoy talking about them.

Morphe Brushes

Spectrum Brushes
Spectrum use such pretty and cool colour on there brushes and there packaging is also so cute!!



Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Beauty Websites

Here area few websites that will be very useful for ordering make up or skincare products since most of them you can buy in Ireland. If you buy products from a usa website usually the shipping is gona cost a bit and then sometimes there are taxes you have to pay when what you have ordered has entered the country and then after all that money and waiting something you think is it even worth it?

(I haven't actually ordered anything off these websites but I do know that from seeing reviews and listening to other bloggers that they are very good.)

Beauty Bay
This website has hair, make up, skincare and nail products. its basically got everything. They have such a wide choice of brands for example:

  • Gerard cosmetics 
  • Kevyn Aucoin
  • L.A Girl
  • Make up Geek 
  • Mario Badescu
  • Anastasia Beverly Hills 
  • and LOADS more
and I always hear the bloggers I follow on snapchat saying they ordered from beauty bay so you then know its good.

 This also another website bloggers talk about. Once again it had brand on it that you are unable to get in ireland. They stock both men and women's products, mainly women's though. Aswell they sell hair, make up, skincare, nails, brushes and tool products.  Cloud10 Beauty stock simliar brands to beauty bay if not the same
  • Blank Canvas
  • DuWop
  • Bellamianta Tan
  • Kardashian beauty
  • Lottie London
  • Nip and Fab
  • Sigma beauty
  • SoSu by Suzanne Jackson
  • Spectrum
and thats just to name a hand full..

Monday, 24 October 2016


About a month from now my boyfriend and I are going to Berlin. I'm so excited for a number of reasons:

  • I've never been to Berlin before.
  • It's my first time going foreign with my boyfriend.
  • My first time to the European christmas markets
  • A break from college.

I can't wait to go away at this time of year because I don't think I've ever gone overseas (besides London) at this time of year. Usually I go away at summer for sun holidays. So this will be a first at experiencing the weather in other countries at winter time. Also it look's so magical in all the picture online, nothing like you would get in Ireland, well in Cork anyways.

When I get back I will post pictures of the city and the markets to show ye all.

Friday, 21 October 2016

L'Oreal Infallible Foundation

After watching Desi Perkins youtube video of her favourite foundations I said I would try some out. She says she has oily skin and so do I so whatever foundation suits her skins will suit me too majority of the time.

Instead of going off and buying the high end expensive brands I opted for the drugstore brand that are more affordable. She mentions two L'Oreal foundations and a Revlon  foundation, all under €20. So how can you go wrong?

The first one I bought and tested out is the L'Oreal Infallible foundation. I've seen this in shops before but I just don't love the packaging hence I was never really drawn to it but since Desi recommended I guess it must be good. I Got a dark enough colour cause I like being tanned looking. I must say I really like it. The colour is lovely and it does last a long time. It also has great coverage.

I'll update on the other foundations when I've tested them out.


Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Eye Shadows

I'm actually so bad at buying eye shadows. My mam and sister always seem to have them so I just don't even bother. But recently when my sister isn't at home sometimes I'm like ugh I need her eye shadows but she has taken them with her. So having started the 6 week make up course I said I better start investing.

I love the way in Inglot and other places you can buy a palette and then buy eye shadows separately and they stick to the palette magnetically. There are some really nice palettes out there but realistically your never gona use all the colours in it. So at least with the empty palettes you can choose colours that you like and that suit you best.


Inglot Sell empty palettes and separate eye shadows which I think is such a good idea. They sell different sized palettes and then the range of colour that have is huge.
There eye shadows sold separately are about €6 each. Then the palette prices obviously are priced differently depending on they size of the palette. The biggest palette is roughly €20.


MAC also sell circular shaped individual eye shadows. I'm not too sure of their prices but I think there are also about €6. They also sell palettes. Just like Inglot they sell palettes with little slots to fit the shape of the eyeshadow and palettes that have no dividers which I think are better, because you can fit different shaped eye shadow pots into it.

Make Up Geek.

Make up Geek sell a beautiful range of different eye shadows as well. Once again they are about €6. They are sold online you aren't able to buy them in ireland.

Monday, 17 October 2016


Halloween is only around the corner now and I've no idea what I'm going to dress up as. From following make up artists on snapchat I've seen a few face paint tutorials so I thought I'd help ye with some ideas that ye can try out if ye are stuck like me and I might also figure out what I'll be while writing this post.

Desi Perkins

Desi up loaded a tutorial on her youtube page of a melting skull. Her face is half proper make up half face paint. It looks so hard but as she shows you step by step it isn't as hard as you would think.

Jodi Roche

Jodi Roche last week did a tutorial on her snapchat of also a melting skull. She got her inspo from Desi and did her own version on it. Since Jodi did the tutorial on snapchat you can no longer see it but she is doing two more halloween tutorials on snapchat this weekend one on saturday and one on sunday, so get adding her if your interested. 
Snapchat - liljodibubz

Rebecca Lyons

Rebecca Lyons did a lion tutorial on her snapchat. She said she got her inspo from mua Laura Dempsey. Rebecca also did a gold skull look which is a little but of a change up from the average skull face paint.

There are so many Halloween face paint tutorials they are just a few I seen and liked. There are so many tutorials on youtube for halloween. I'll leave a few links below if you are interested.

Easy deer look tutorial

                                                               Werewolf makeup tutorial


Harley Quinn

Ruth Bergin did an absolutely amazing job creating a gypsy look. unfortunately she hasn't videoed it anywhere but I just think it so good I wanted to show ye. I guess you can try recreating the look yourself but looking at the picture.
Snapchat - ruthberginmua

Friday, 14 October 2016

Remington Straightners

By far I think Remington hair tools are way than any ghd. I used to get ghd hair straighteners and I went through about three or four of them within a short amount of time considering you would expect one to last at least 2-3 years. I was in London about 5 years ago and mine and my sisters ghd broke. So we went to boots and just asked one of the workers to show us a cheap but good enough just to do the job while we were in London. The shop assistant showed up a Remington straightner which was around £25-£30. We bought the straightener and it lasted about 3 - 4 years. Keeping in mind that throughout those years the heating of the straightener never decreased. Whereas with the ghd I swear the straightener lost heat within a few months.

My cousin needed a new hair straightener and I told her mam who was getting it for her for christmas to get a remington straightener as I swear by it. When my cousin received the straightener she wasn't too happy that it was a remington and not a ghd. Shortly after a week or so she loved it.

Now two of my friends, my mam and my sister have converted to the remington brand. Not just with straighteners but also curlers and hair dryers.

Another big plus is the price! It is so affordable and you 100% get your use for your moneys worth.

It's just the name. GHD. That's all. It a brand people associate with good hair but you really don't get the use out of it for the Price you're paying!!

Thursday, 13 October 2016

Who to follow - Snapchat

Its so hard to find make up artists on snapchat that are worth following in my opinion anyways. I love when they do make up tutorials rather than just showing us their personal lives that have nothing to do with make up etc. So I did some research and found quite a few people and followed them for a week or two and deleted who I didn't find so interesting/relevant. I like following people that are from Ireland or people that are young like myself because I can relate to them more. For instance I cant go to sephora and get products that mua's snapchatters in America can get. Or I cant afford all the latest and newest products out like older mua's can since I'm just a student. 

So here is my list of who you should follow on snapchat:

1. Sonia and Fyza Ali - Soniafyza

Sonia and Fyza are sisters and they work between London and the Middle East. Sonia is a Make up artist the first one in the UK to be trained by Kim Kardashian's make up artist. Fyza is also a beauty addict and they both share a blog and instagram page which are include all things beauty involved. They also have a snapchat account and starting to do more make up tutorials and show what products they use more than they used to. Fortunately for them they each look like a Kardashian/Jenner sister. Sonia is legit a twin of Kim Kardashian and Fyza looks like Kylie Jenner. Fyza does the majority of the snapchatting.

2. Michelle Regazzoli-Stone - Mrsmakeup_ie

Michelle is so funny, a brilliant make up artist too. Michelle fills us in on how busy she is with a career as a make up artist. It's hectic to say the least!! She is constantly on the go. She always videos her two adorable sons as well. When she has time she does sometimes film make up tutorials or even just shows the products she uses.

3. Rebecca Lyons - Becka MUA

Rebecca is a student herself attending a beauty course in cork. She is absolutely stunning and her make up is always flawless. I love rebecca's little make up snap tutorials as she doesn't go out spending huge amounts of money on products so I can relate to that. she uses affordable products which is what i'm interested in since i'm not able to splurge on expensive cosmetics all the time.

4. Shannon Aine Make up -Shanainedillon

I started following Shannon Aine then only realized she was on snapchat with quite some time but took a break off over summer and only starting up again recently and trying to get back into the swing on snapchatting about make up. So far she hasn't done much make up tutorials but by looking at her instagram page i'm gona continue to follow her cause I feel like I wont regret in time to come. She's gorgeous and she snaps a little about her life in general than just make up.

5.Chloé Boucher - Chloebouch

I should have put Chloé near the top of my list. Chloé who looks some how airbrushed all the time is amazing, her make up, her hair, everything. She not only shows us everything make up but also her lifestyle sort of. She seems like such a nice women on her snapchat you will fall in love with her instantly and will thank me for telling you to go follow her!!

I feel like I'm Forgetting some one or a few people but I cant put my finger on them. I can always do an updated version anyways if I come across new faces to follow.

Hope ye enjoy my list and their snaps!! x

Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Brush Holders

I feel like with going doing a make up course I need to start investing in new brushes and make up etc. not that I have them already but I just feel like I have to for some reason. Since I in college in Waterford during the week and then at home in cork for the weekend I don't use brush holders i just have a bag for them since its more convenient to carry them around in.

So today I was in the city and I knew at one stage Penney's had these white pretty holders but they weren't there today, but they did stock actual stock holders specifically for make up brushes. I loved the colour available, bronze, black and metallic. There are also two sizes available. The only thing i didn't like is that they are very tight in space. Also there is a lid which is difficult to put on if the holder is packed with brushes without the brush bristles bending back. Therefore I only put a few small brushes in. 

I chose the bigger size holder in the bronze colour. Even though the holder isn't my ideal one i just love the colour and my make up bag, which is also from Penney's is bronze too. The only good thing though is that it's a convenient holder when traveling.

Ideally I'd like to holders more like this:

Also while in TK Maxx there where really hand make up/brush organisers which I wish to purchase soon enough:

Friday, 7 October 2016

Hair Extentions

I've been wearing hair extensions for about 2 and a half years. For people that wear extensions there is no better feeling then when you get a new pair. They are so soft and smooth it's like heaven. Hair extensions are actually a big deal in my life. Like I wear them everyday. Although recently I try and leave them for a few days once a week while im in college, just to give my hair a break.

The extensions I use are from Foxy Locks and they are superb! They can last upto 6 months or more depending how you care for them. Mine usually last for around 5 months-ish. That's because I sleep with them in as I'm too lazy to take them out and reapply them again in the morning. They are clip in extensions and they offer a wide range of lengths, colours and thickness. They are seamless clip in which means you people don't see the clips very easily. Below are the ones get and they are 20 inch's long and weigh 165g. I choose the colour Cocoa which is a very dark brown.

I would 100% recommend these extensions to anyone looking to get extensions and are new to extensions. I use extensions for length but you are also able to use them to add thickness as well.

Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Soap and Glory Skin Care

Anything I've heard about Soap & Glory it's always been good. So while I was looking for an exfoliator to have in my college house, since I've my botanic's one at home in cork, a friend recommended the Soap & Glory Face Soap and Clarity. So I said why not try it. And I really like it surprisingly since the exfoliating balls are very small and scarce, because usually I like to have a lot if exfoliating balls so my skin gets a good cleaning.

Face Soap And Clarity is a 3-in-1 daily face wash. The three things it does is cleans and purifies skin, removes make-up, and gently exfoliates. so basically its an amazing cleaner! And it's for oily/combination skin which suits me perfect.

It isn't that pricey its around €15 or a little less. I'm willing to try anything nowadays to get perfect or nearly perfect skin because I believe its key to have good skin therefore your make up will not only look better but 100% apply better!!!

Tuesday, 4 October 2016

My Gym Journey

I'm not a fitness fanatic or anything like that but scrolling through instagram day after day looking at these girls with amazing bodies just depresses me. Plus my boyfriend goes to the gym with the last few years so he also motivated me to join. Since I'm in college in waterford I joined Goldstone's gym around march or april last year. Then in summer I joined the gym at home but as you can imagine I wasn't as consistant as I was in college.

Now that I'm back in college again and back into routine I'm going to try make a serious effort. 
Food is such a big part and it definitely my downfall. I'm quite a lazy person and having to get up and make healthy meals throughout the day is not my thing but I'm willing to try it out. 

There are a few people on social media that I follow that give me good workout and exercise ideas and also recipes and idea for meals.

1. The Body Coach
Joe Wicks has and many social media accounts eg; snapchat, instagram, facebook and youtube. He also has two books which contain so much helpful information about food, when to eat, what to eat and there are a few workouts routines included as well. Joe posts on his social media pages workout and meals with the recipes along side it which are super useful and great for ideas. He also has a programme you are able to sign up to. Hes without a doubt one of the more helpful blogger on fitness as you dont NEED to pay for anything and you still are able to get all his tips and tricks.

2. Lauren Simpson.
I follow lauren on instagram and snapchat and she also has a programme you can pay for. She posts videos of her workout and different exercises which is so good when you need a little inspo and run out of exercise ideas. 

3.Brian Keane.
Only a few days ago I heard of Brian Keane. He has a facebook, instagram, snapchat, youtube, ebooks and podcasts. I find him so interesting to listen to just because he is so knowledgable and has so much information inside him. He also post videos of his workouts which gives me new ideas to try out in the gym. I'd for sure recommend looking him up and giving him a follow.

4. Kourtney & Khloe Kardashian.
Its without a doubt that Khloe Kardashian is in the best shape of her life and kourtney isn't fair behind her especially with having three kids. I love when they post videos of there workouts. I then see how they tone up their bums and try copy them when I go to the gym, because who doesn't want a nice bum.