Friday, 2 December 2016

Victoria Secret Fashion Show 2016

That time of year again! The Victoria Secret Fashion show was on last night in Paris. The one night of the year where you really consider your new years resolution is to going the gym and actually do it this year. As always the models looked AMAZING! 

Performing on the night was:

Lady Gaga                Bruno Mars                 The Weeknd

I wonder are The Weeknd and Bella Hadid back on or are they just cool with each other. If any of ye saw the pictures of her walking down the catwalk people were saying she was giving him shade others were saying she was smiling at him and he definitely was looking her up and down like we all were, as she was gorgeous looking.

Irina Shayk announced that she was pregnant after the show. which you would never have been able to tell but when you look back at her outfits she had her stomach kind of covered up. She looked fabulous as always she is DEFINITELY one of my favourites. If not my favourite.

Here's a few pictures is any of ye haven't seen already:

Image result for irina shayk victoria's secret

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