Friday, 30 September 2016

3 Highlighters You Must Try.

I love Highlighters, They give your face that glow to make your skin look so healthy and hydrated. Rather than a matte finish to the face, Which you don't want.

1. MAC Soft & Gentle.

I got this about two years ago for the first time and I think this is the highlighter that made me fall in love with highlighter. Its definitely one of the best out there in my opinion. It's at least a must try anyways!!

2. Essence Soo Glow.

Unfortunately this product has been discontinued, which is very upsetting since I really loveeeeed this one! Not only is it and amazing highlighter with amazing pigment but it was super cheap. I don't quite remember the price sinces its been a while since it was on shelfs. Essence seem to do discontinue there most popular products or something because this highlighter was always had to get your hands on as it was very popular along with a lipstick they once had called 'Oh so Matt'. This was my favourite lipstick as it was the perfect nude for me, but oh well.

3. Sleek Precious Metals Highlighting Palette

I just got this palette about two weeks ago. I tried to get the cleo's kiss palette but it was sold out, so I said id try this one instead and I love it. The pigment in all four is sooo good. The colours are bronzey, yellowish undertones which is what I usually go for.

 Here is a look at the swatches on my arm to show you the pigment.

Wednesday, 28 September 2016


I just had to do a lip liner post right after a lipstick post as I never wear one without the other. I just love how with a little lip liner your lips just have a fuller look to them and I just love big lips but unfortunately wasn't born with them.

Anyways since I always wear a nude lipstick I kind of need to wear a lip liner anyways as I find with out it your lips can just blend into you skin colour very easily. The liner not only makes your lips look bigger but it just adds that needed definition you need with a nude lip.

My favourite lip liner by far is 'Willow' by Wet n Wild. I swear by it. Its has such an easy application, its so cheap (€2/€3), and it blends in extremely well with so many nude colours. So I can use this one lip liner with many different nude lipstick colours. Also another fab thing about this lip liner is that its super long. Much longer then the majority of lip liners, so it lasts for ages.

(I tryed to get a picture of a swatch of the colour but it doesnt do it justice, so your just going to have to trust me.)

Another colour by Wet n Wild I love is 'Chestnut' this also can be worn with nude lipsticks it just makes the colour darker. I always make sure I have at least one chestnut lip liner in my bag. Unlike willow I usually stock up on that colour.

Tuesday, 27 September 2016


Nude Lips are a must for me. I wear a nude lip always!!! Except on occasion I might wear a shade of red on a night out. But for everyday and most nights I wear nude. I'm quite picky when it comes to nude lip shades. I find it very difficult to get the perfect shade. Sometimes even though the colour may be called nude or look nude from the container of the lipstick if you swatch them on your hand they have a pinky tone to them. I like a nude with a light tan colour to it and not too brown.

My Perfect Nudes:

1. MAC Honey Love.

 This is my overall favourite nude colour. BUT you do have to wear a lip liner with it in my opinion so it doesn't blend in with your skin and so you can also have a clear outline of your lips.
The only thing is that it is about €20 and since I use lipstick everyday a few times a day I can't afford to get a new Honey Love every 2ish months.

2. New Look 'Mink' & 'Apricot'

Both these New Look lipsticks are similar enough to MAC's Honey Loves. They are a nude that tick my boxes and they are also super affordable. They are roughly about €5. Even thought there cheap they have such a nice texture just as good as Honey Love. The Mink had a little glossiness to the texture but not much where as Apricot is more or a matte colour.

Mink                                                                              Apricot.


3. Catrice Ultimate Colour 380

This lipstick definitely needs a lip liner to go with it as it is very light and your lips will need defining which is were the liner comes in. I love this lipstick not only because of the colour but the texture is sooo nice. Its got a smooth creamy glossy texture, I'm not usually a fan of glosses Id usually go for a matte finish but this colour is by far an exception. This lipstick is also roughly around €5 if not less. 

Friday, 23 September 2016

Skin Care

I myself have oily skin but I never used to look after it. I would just use any type of cleanser, toner, moisturiser, etc. Only recently I decided to look after my skin a little more since it got quite bad from just using make up remover wipes. My pores where all clogged and I had blackheads. I think once you have great looking skin your make up is 100x better looking. It applies more easily and evenly and it also leaves you with a complexion that people will envy!

So I bought 4 new products in the hope to improve my skin:

1. Bioré Deep Pore Charcoal Cleanser.

This specific cleanser is said to draw out 2x as much dirt as a regular cleanser. It contains charcoal which is the new it thing in skin care. Charcoal draws bacteria, poisons, chemicals, dirt and other micro-particles to the surface of the skin which helps to give a flawless complexion and it also help fight against acne.

This cleanser is recommended to be used daily for best results. I used it about 4/5 days of the week. I found this product to do exactly as it says. I found my face to be less oily and it just left it with a clean refreshing feeling.

2.  Bioré Deep Cleansing Charcoal Pore Strips.

The same brand again as product one, Bioré. These pore strips claim they free your pores of deep down dirt, blackheads and oil. You place the strip on your nose after wetting your nose then wait 10 minutes and the peel it off. 

I wasn't very pleased with this strips as I have bought strips by the same brand before but not the charcoal ones and I thought they were much better. After you peel the strip off your nose after 10 minutes you can't clearly see the dirt and blackhead that were pulled out on the strip and I didnt feel or see a different on my nose. With the strips I previously had after your peeled it off you could see the dirt and blackheads on it. As disgusting as it sounds, and I no im not the only one, you get a little kick out of seeing the dirt on the strip. You can also feel the dirt and oil gone from the skin on your nose.

I dont think ill be buying this product again being honest.

3. Garnier Moisture + Matte.

This moisturiser is so light and hydrating. It perfect for oily skin. It leaves no shine and a nice matte finish to the face.

I would 100% recommend this moisturiser to anyone with oily skin.
It's also super affordable, so incase it's not for you at least you didn't have to spend the big bucks to find out you didn't like it.

4. Botanics All Bright Purifying Face Scrub.

Everyone needs an exfoliator to get rid of them dead skin cells and to bring your face back to life. Honestly I'm not that picky about exfoliators. I usually just pick up one that looks decent. Even though I did say that I was specifically buying products for my oily skin and clogged pores. I just think the majority or exfoliators do the same job, which is why im not too fussy as to which one I pick up.

All these products are of a very affordable price, as I am a student and I'd prefer to try out the so called 'cheaper' brands and seeing if I like them first rather then spending a large amount of money on a more high end brand and having the risk of not even liking it. And most of the time the more affordable brands are as good as the expensive ones!!

Thursday, 22 September 2016

New Minds Academy

Today I booked myself a place in New Minds Academy 6 week make up course. Its starts on the 27th October and its a three hour class once a week for 6 weeks. I just seen the course advertised on facebook and I have an interest in make up so I looked into the course and thought about if for a while. Like a lot of people I don't know exactly what I want to do career wise, so since I have a keen interest in make up I said I would do the course and see if it's something I would like to do as a career and do a course that would further my knowledge in that area. And if I don't enjoy it then at least it's only 6 weeks.
So every thursday from the 27th October on for 6 weeks I'll be busy going to college in Waterford then having to travel to cork, I'll stay at home in cork that night then travel back to Waterford on friday for college.

Sarah Cummins is who will be teaching the course. 
She is a MUA in Inglot and is one of the nominee's for Ireland best make up artist by Hi Magazine. 

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Golden Goddess

Bronzer is one of my favourite make up products. Its the stage when applying make up where you can decide how natural you want your make up to look like or if you want to give yourself a nice dark tan. I love being tan, i'm sure most of you do too. So for me I usually put on a good bit of bronzer. 

My favourite bronzer ever has got to be MAC 'Deep Dark'. You can build up the colour depending on how dark you want to go. Even though its called deep dark you can apply just a light amount so your not too tanned. 

Another colour of MAC I love is 'Give Me Sun'. This colour is just about a shade lighter and it gives you a sun kissed tan look. You are also able to build up the colour with this colour easily so once again just depends on your preference.

Some times I even use the bronzer as an eyeshadow as it is such a warm brown and once again you 
can have a a light shade of brown or build up the colour to have a more intense darker colour.

I must admit though that since I love MAC's bronzer so much I don't usually branch out and try other bronzers as I am happy with the one I have, BUT there is one other bronzer I like quite a bit which is inglot bronzer. Well its not so much a bronzer its called Sculpting contour powder. I like to use this to add more definition to my face when i'm going out at night not really for my everyday make up. I go for the shade 508 which isn't the shade in the picture below but it just shows the palette. The only thing about inglot is you have to buy the palette to hold the product but once you have it bought you wont need to ever again and there also quiet cheap.

Friday, 16 September 2016

King Kylie Takes NYFW

Without a doubt Kylie Jenners loves to stand out of the crowd whether the focus is on her hair, her make up, her lips, her AMAZING figure or her fashion. Last week Kylie once again ticked all the right boxes with how she looked at NYFW. 

She took the plunge and final dyed her hair bleach blonde
rather than wearing a wig. The natural brunette beauty probably got a bit of inspo from her sister Kim after she dyed her hair blonde for Paris Fashion Week last year.
I think Kylie really pulled of the bleach blonde especially coming straight from dark brown/black hair.

My 3 favourite looks from Kylie's have got to be:

1. This is definitely my number one. Even though this outfit is not very flashy and doesn't have the wow factor like her other outfits I love it. It's cool and casual but also dressy as she has matched it with a pair of heels. It looks very comfortable and that's a big thing for me. I almost always wear cool, plain, blocked coloured clothes with little or no patterns or designs which is another reason this outfit ticks all the boxes for me.

2. Even though I just said I usually wear plain enough clothing, from time to time I also like to wear a  something to catch attention or stand out, just like most people. I would do so a little more when going out rather than my everyday attire. This diamond covered dress is absolutely stunning. Kylie has played down the dress making the outfit more chilled out and cool by adding an oversized denim jacket.

3. Denim on denim. Its hard to pull off denim on denim but no surprise Kylie has managed to do so. This embroidered denim jacket and shorts was enough statement to  leave other elements of the outfit plain white such as the crop top, heels and do rag. although I would probably never wear such an outfit i still do think its cool and has an edge to it.


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This Blog will be mainly about Beauty and fashion along with a bit of lifestyle.
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