Monday, 5 December 2016

New Youtuber to Follow; Sian Walton

OMG so I cant across this girl on instagram I don't remember how but that's besides the point, Her name is Sian Walton. I followed her on instagram not only because she was stunning but she also is very into the gym and I just wanted to follow her as she gives tips and she had an amazing body!!

I then came across her on youtube, one day she just popped up on recommended. So I watches a one or two videos and I was hooked. She gives such good information about workouts and different exercises that I had never tried or knew about it.

She has a video up of her squat routine which is quiet tough but I did give it a go in the gym about two time but I'e been so busy lately I haven't made it to the gym. which is so upsetting because i just feel like a slob when i don't go every now and then.

Anyways if you are into fitness I would 100% recommend her to get healthy and to follow her routines or to even just take advantage while your quite for a while.

Friday, 2 December 2016

Victoria Secret Fashion Show 2016

That time of year again! The Victoria Secret Fashion show was on last night in Paris. The one night of the year where you really consider your new years resolution is to going the gym and actually do it this year. As always the models looked AMAZING! 

Performing on the night was:

Lady Gaga                Bruno Mars                 The Weeknd

I wonder are The Weeknd and Bella Hadid back on or are they just cool with each other. If any of ye saw the pictures of her walking down the catwalk people were saying she was giving him shade others were saying she was smiling at him and he definitely was looking her up and down like we all were, as she was gorgeous looking.

Irina Shayk announced that she was pregnant after the show. which you would never have been able to tell but when you look back at her outfits she had her stomach kind of covered up. She looked fabulous as always she is DEFINITELY one of my favourites. If not my favourite.

Here's a few pictures is any of ye haven't seen already:

Image result for irina shayk victoria's secret

Thursday, 1 December 2016

Make Up Course Update

I missed my class last week as I was running late and then I just got frustrated and didn't end up going. Then today my boyfriends car wouldn't start so I wasn't able to get home to go to the course which was a pity.

So far my opinion on the course is that it definitely isn't what I expected. The first week we did the face but it was very natural. I usual don't try to match my skin colour and my foundation colour as then I would be getting foundation that is ghost white since its winter. I thought since the teacher wears very dark make up, which I love as ye know, she would show is different looks such as a natural look, a dewy look, a night time look, but we just did a natural enough look with a little contour.

Then for the next two weeks we just did different eye looks. which were nice on some people but they just didn't suit me I don't think, or maybe I just wasn't used to them? Then last week I knew from the week before that in last weeks class we would be doing a pink and purple eye, Which once again i don't think would be my thing. So when I missed tonight's class I wasn't too upset because I assumed we would just be doing another eye look which wouldnt satisfy me.

I'm not trying to say the course is bad I just dont think I got much out of it as I thought I would. 
I think the make up teacher was wonderful and she is extremely talented. I just don't wear extreme eye colour and wear a lot of eyeshadow on my bottom lid.

I have one more class left next week and then im done. I am looking forward to it I hope I enjoy is and learn something new. x

Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Organisation: College

I would think i'm a pretty organized person. As in my room at home I have my wardrobe organized and i'm very ocd about it. I have a it organized in a way that all jumpers are together, all skirts, all dresses, all jeans and all tops are all kept together. If someone hangs up a top beside my dresses it actually frustrates me. I also have my make up organised I have brushes in one bag and make up in the other.

College is something I most definitely am not organised for. That's college work that I mean. I leave everything last minute and only do it when the due date is about 3/2/1 day away. Which sometime is grand i'll get away with it but then other times i'm literally felt with no time if I try to fit some sleep in there too. Ino i'm not they only one out there that is the exact same. More than likely the majority of people are the same as me.

So for next semester I've told myself that I must at least try and do my work and get it out of the way ASAP. Some people try to tell themselves this over and over again but in fairness I never tell myself i'm try be more organised cause I know i'd only be fooling myself. But this time now I think I will put in a bit of effort and try. Hopefully it won't be hard to stick to because it would just be a weight off my shoulders when I finish it and don't have to worry about it anymore.

So if your like me then maybe join me for the second semester and try do your work ASAP and be more organised... it might not suit you some people actually work better under pressure. Which I think I'm not to bad at but ill give this ago anyways and see.

Friday, 25 November 2016

Blogger Alert

Aideen Kate Murphy is another person I follow on instagram. I've actually followed her with a good while but it was only recently that I found out she had a blog and also a youtube channel. I must say she is amazing. She is always love and tanned which is what i like and its handy because ill be able to go by the colour of foundations she says she uses since I like the darkness she goes with her make up.

She is a very sweet girl you can tell this through her snapchat. Ill leave all her details below for ye to check her out:

Snapchat: Aideenkatemua
Instagram: aideenkatemua
Youtube: Aideenkatemakeup


Thursday, 24 November 2016


With black friday being tomorrow I thought I'd share a few discount codes and stores that have discounts on there products.

Missguided 35% student discount

PrettyLittleThings 50% discount

Public Desire 30% discount

Topshop 50% discount

Asos 20% discount

Seeing as today is thursday there will more then likely be more discount up tomorrow and even better ones. I cant imagine people having a lot of lucky on missguideds pages as it usually shuts down our your on a waiting list to get on it.

Hope Everyone Enjoy the sales x

Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Blogger Alert

I love when I find a new person to follow on instagram, youtube, facebook or snapchat. For instance a really good person for tips and tricks on make up and fitness and fashion etc. I think i let this become a thing where when I find a person that I think is really good at what they do and if i'm interested in what they do I'll share it with ye so ye can also follow them... if you want.

So the lady I discovered is on instagram youtube and snapchat. she is actually more than likely on facebook as well, i'll have to check that out. Her name is Ali Darcy. She is by the looks of it an amazing make up artist and she is absolutely gorgeous! She also has a blog which is very very good and has really good tips. Everyone should really check it out its a good read.

Instagram: Makeupbyalidarcy
Snapchat: iamthealicat
Blog: Makeupbyalidarcy

and she does actually have a facebook account its: Makeup by Ali Darcy.