Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Organisation: College

I would think i'm a pretty organized person. As in my room at home I have my wardrobe organized and i'm very ocd about it. I have a it organized in a way that all jumpers are together, all skirts, all dresses, all jeans and all tops are all kept together. If someone hangs up a top beside my dresses it actually frustrates me. I also have my make up organised I have brushes in one bag and make up in the other.

College is something I most definitely am not organised for. That's college work that I mean. I leave everything last minute and only do it when the due date is about 3/2/1 day away. Which sometime is grand i'll get away with it but then other times i'm literally felt with no time if I try to fit some sleep in there too. Ino i'm not they only one out there that is the exact same. More than likely the majority of people are the same as me.

So for next semester I've told myself that I must at least try and do my work and get it out of the way ASAP. Some people try to tell themselves this over and over again but in fairness I never tell myself i'm try be more organised cause I know i'd only be fooling myself. But this time now I think I will put in a bit of effort and try. Hopefully it won't be hard to stick to because it would just be a weight off my shoulders when I finish it and don't have to worry about it anymore.

So if your like me then maybe join me for the second semester and try do your work ASAP and be more organised... it might not suit you some people actually work better under pressure. Which I think I'm not to bad at but ill give this ago anyways and see.

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