Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Blogger Alert

I love when I find a new person to follow on instagram, youtube, facebook or snapchat. For instance a really good person for tips and tricks on make up and fitness and fashion etc. I think i let this become a thing where when I find a person that I think is really good at what they do and if i'm interested in what they do I'll share it with ye so ye can also follow them... if you want.

So the lady I discovered is on instagram youtube and snapchat. she is actually more than likely on facebook as well, i'll have to check that out. Her name is Ali Darcy. She is by the looks of it an amazing make up artist and she is absolutely gorgeous! She also has a blog which is very very good and has really good tips. Everyone should really check it out its a good read.

Instagram: Makeupbyalidarcy
Snapchat: iamthealicat
Blog: Makeupbyalidarcy

and she does actually have a facebook account its: Makeup by Ali Darcy.


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