Tuesday, 27 September 2016


Nude Lips are a must for me. I wear a nude lip always!!! Except on occasion I might wear a shade of red on a night out. But for everyday and most nights I wear nude. I'm quite picky when it comes to nude lip shades. I find it very difficult to get the perfect shade. Sometimes even though the colour may be called nude or look nude from the container of the lipstick if you swatch them on your hand they have a pinky tone to them. I like a nude with a light tan colour to it and not too brown.

My Perfect Nudes:

1. MAC Honey Love.

 This is my overall favourite nude colour. BUT you do have to wear a lip liner with it in my opinion so it doesn't blend in with your skin and so you can also have a clear outline of your lips.
The only thing is that it is about €20 and since I use lipstick everyday a few times a day I can't afford to get a new Honey Love every 2ish months.

2. New Look 'Mink' & 'Apricot'

Both these New Look lipsticks are similar enough to MAC's Honey Loves. They are a nude that tick my boxes and they are also super affordable. They are roughly about €5. Even thought there cheap they have such a nice texture just as good as Honey Love. The Mink had a little glossiness to the texture but not much where as Apricot is more or a matte colour.

Mink                                                                              Apricot.


3. Catrice Ultimate Colour 380

This lipstick definitely needs a lip liner to go with it as it is very light and your lips will need defining which is were the liner comes in. I love this lipstick not only because of the colour but the texture is sooo nice. Its got a smooth creamy glossy texture, I'm not usually a fan of glosses Id usually go for a matte finish but this colour is by far an exception. This lipstick is also roughly around €5 if not less. 

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