Friday, 16 September 2016

King Kylie Takes NYFW

Without a doubt Kylie Jenners loves to stand out of the crowd whether the focus is on her hair, her make up, her lips, her AMAZING figure or her fashion. Last week Kylie once again ticked all the right boxes with how she looked at NYFW. 

She took the plunge and final dyed her hair bleach blonde
rather than wearing a wig. The natural brunette beauty probably got a bit of inspo from her sister Kim after she dyed her hair blonde for Paris Fashion Week last year.
I think Kylie really pulled of the bleach blonde especially coming straight from dark brown/black hair.

My 3 favourite looks from Kylie's have got to be:

1. This is definitely my number one. Even though this outfit is not very flashy and doesn't have the wow factor like her other outfits I love it. It's cool and casual but also dressy as she has matched it with a pair of heels. It looks very comfortable and that's a big thing for me. I almost always wear cool, plain, blocked coloured clothes with little or no patterns or designs which is another reason this outfit ticks all the boxes for me.

2. Even though I just said I usually wear plain enough clothing, from time to time I also like to wear a  something to catch attention or stand out, just like most people. I would do so a little more when going out rather than my everyday attire. This diamond covered dress is absolutely stunning. Kylie has played down the dress making the outfit more chilled out and cool by adding an oversized denim jacket.

3. Denim on denim. Its hard to pull off denim on denim but no surprise Kylie has managed to do so. This embroidered denim jacket and shorts was enough statement to  leave other elements of the outfit plain white such as the crop top, heels and do rag. although I would probably never wear such an outfit i still do think its cool and has an edge to it.

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