Thursday, 3 November 2016

Coats & Jackets

With winter and the cold weather creeping up on us its time to start buying our winter coats and jackets. I love coats and jackets cause I think it can change the look or and outfit and you cant dress them up or dress them down, depending on the type of coat/jacket you have I suppose. Being in college in Waterford you 100% need a good jacket. I cant stress enough how cold it is in Waterford. It's sooooooo much colder then Cork!!!

So I came across both a coat and a jacket that I really like.

The jacket is from missguided and I have ordered it so just waiting for it to arrive to my house. I mainly want to wear this jacket for going out but also it's wearable dressy and casual.

The coats I saw and fell in love with is from boohoo. It's so in fashion and will got great with a lot of different looks.I haven't bought the coat but wish to in the near future. The only thing about this coat is that I have broad shoulders and I'm afraid that it won't sit nicely on me and made me look very broad and square.

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