Wednesday, 16 November 2016


So i'm looking to get my nails done for christmas. I love getting acrylics done because they last that bit longer. I've never actually had gel nails done before by my friend usually gets gels I they last for about 2-3 week usually whereas i'd definitely get 4 weeks out of the acrylics. The only thing tho is how bad my nails are after the acrylics come off. I usually just wait till they fall off or I pull them off. Which I know is SO bad and doesn't help my problem at all but I just cant justify paying bout €15 to get them taken off.

The shape is a tough decision also because you see so many pretty pictures on instagram and tumblr and then you get them and there not the same as the picture. I guess that's the same with you hair when you show the hairdresser a picture but you never end up just like the picture.
I love Pointed, square and coffin for shapes when i get my nails done.

I'd like to get a cool colour put on but then i'd be afraid if they wouldn't look good with different outfits and stuff. I guess ill just have to use trial and error to figure that one out and I could always paint over them I suppose. The last time I went to get my nails done I wanted to get a bright orange. My nail lady wasn't really pushing for me to get them and since I was a little nervous I chickened out. Whereas if she was to push me a little I would probably have gone for it. Anyways enough about that I'm just going to post a few different pictures and in the comment if ye could say if ye prefer A, B, C, D, or E ill then get the ones ye recommend.

A - Bright Orange

B - Pale Blue

C- Nude 

D - Deep Redy Burgundy Brown colour

Image result for red acrylic nails

E - Baby Pink

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