Thursday, 10 November 2016

Inlgot: Keilidh's Pro Palette

The fabulous Keilidh from Inglot's pro team released her palette this week. Because of this Inglot stores all over the country hosted a night tonight where you where able to purchase the Keilidh palette and also there was 10% off all products.

Keilidh's palette is made up of mainly purple colours and a pinky transfer colour with also a matt black. The colours are absolutely beautiful and all the different looks Keilidh herself and other Inglot girls are so cool and pretty. I'm just not there yet with confidence to try out these out there colours.

Me and on of my friends went to the new Inglot store in waterford. I just bought 4 eyeshadows to add to my little Inglot collection from last week's blog post. I didn't get the Keilidh palette as I don't think I am confident enough yet to use such bright, bold colours. BUT I did buy a purple eyeshadow just to give it a go and I can also pop in and buy a pinky colour when I get better in the coming weeks of the make up course I'm attending.

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