Monday, 31 October 2016

Tan Time.

During the summer depending on the weather and if I go abroad I usually don't need to wear tan as my skin tans very well. Unfortunately during the rest of the months on the year especially the winter months I am as pale as a ghost, no word of a lie. So I like to wear tan on nights out and also on my hands or my legs if there are slits in my jeans etc.
So today I want to just tell ye the tans that I use and that work best for me.

Rimmel Sun Shimmer.

I absolutely love this tan. It comes out straight away and also developes for an hour afterwards. This tan lasts for a few days too. It wont just wash straight off after a shower it takes a good scrub to get it off and maybe a few showers. 
Before a festival last year I applied it three days before the festival shower then applied it the next day, showered and applied it again that evening and I swear to god it wasn't one bit streaky or patchy for the whole three days of the festival. Keeping in mind that the festival was three days long!
I always get the dark colour.

Coco Brown.

This is another tan that I love. Some people don't like it that much. Maybe it just suits some peoples skin and not others im not sure. One thing I am sure of is that it does suit my skin. It is never streaky on me or patchy and also is such a nice dark colour, and for those of you who follow my blog you know I like to look tanned. This tan also will last for a few days so your not back to your pale self the next day.

Sally Hansen.

I love the colour of Sally Hansen's Tan but I only like using the cream textured tan as I usually use mouse tan and its so easy to spread and I find the cream easy to spread too. The spray tan I just find once you spray it you quickly have to rub it in trying not to make it streaky or patchy. And once you have a patch its hard to get rid of it or blend it. 
This tan does give you the nicest colour as if your skin was airbrushed!

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