Tuesday, 4 October 2016

My Gym Journey

I'm not a fitness fanatic or anything like that but scrolling through instagram day after day looking at these girls with amazing bodies just depresses me. Plus my boyfriend goes to the gym with the last few years so he also motivated me to join. Since I'm in college in waterford I joined Goldstone's gym around march or april last year. Then in summer I joined the gym at home but as you can imagine I wasn't as consistant as I was in college.

Now that I'm back in college again and back into routine I'm going to try make a serious effort. 
Food is such a big part and it definitely my downfall. I'm quite a lazy person and having to get up and make healthy meals throughout the day is not my thing but I'm willing to try it out. 

There are a few people on social media that I follow that give me good workout and exercise ideas and also recipes and idea for meals.

1. The Body Coach
Joe Wicks has and many social media accounts eg; snapchat, instagram, facebook and youtube. He also has two books which contain so much helpful information about food, when to eat, what to eat and there are a few workouts routines included as well. Joe posts on his social media pages workout and meals with the recipes along side it which are super useful and great for ideas. He also has a programme you are able to sign up to. Hes without a doubt one of the more helpful blogger on fitness as you dont NEED to pay for anything and you still are able to get all his tips and tricks.

2. Lauren Simpson.
I follow lauren on instagram and snapchat and she also has a programme you can pay for. She posts videos of her workout and different exercises which is so good when you need a little inspo and run out of exercise ideas. 

3.Brian Keane.
Only a few days ago I heard of Brian Keane. He has a facebook, instagram, snapchat, youtube, ebooks and podcasts. I find him so interesting to listen to just because he is so knowledgable and has so much information inside him. He also post videos of his workouts which gives me new ideas to try out in the gym. I'd for sure recommend looking him up and giving him a follow.

4. Kourtney & Khloe Kardashian.
Its without a doubt that Khloe Kardashian is in the best shape of her life and kourtney isn't fair behind her especially with having three kids. I love when they post videos of there workouts. I then see how they tone up their bums and try copy them when I go to the gym, because who doesn't want a nice bum.

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