Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Eye Shadows

I'm actually so bad at buying eye shadows. My mam and sister always seem to have them so I just don't even bother. But recently when my sister isn't at home sometimes I'm like ugh I need her eye shadows but she has taken them with her. So having started the 6 week make up course I said I better start investing.

I love the way in Inglot and other places you can buy a palette and then buy eye shadows separately and they stick to the palette magnetically. There are some really nice palettes out there but realistically your never gona use all the colours in it. So at least with the empty palettes you can choose colours that you like and that suit you best.


Inglot Sell empty palettes and separate eye shadows which I think is such a good idea. They sell different sized palettes and then the range of colour that have is huge.
There eye shadows sold separately are about €6 each. Then the palette prices obviously are priced differently depending on they size of the palette. The biggest palette is roughly €20.


MAC also sell circular shaped individual eye shadows. I'm not too sure of their prices but I think there are also about €6. They also sell palettes. Just like Inglot they sell palettes with little slots to fit the shape of the eyeshadow and palettes that have no dividers which I think are better, because you can fit different shaped eye shadow pots into it.

Make Up Geek.

Make up Geek sell a beautiful range of different eye shadows as well. Once again they are about €6. They are sold online you aren't able to buy them in ireland.

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