Thursday, 27 October 2016

Make Up Brushes

A few weeks back before I started my make up course I wanted to buy a new set of brushes as I felt I had to. I decided not to because I was like what if Sarah (Sarah Cummins, my make up teacher) recommends different brushes to what I just bought. And luckily I did wait till I started because even though I may not buy the exact same brushes I know what kind of brushes she uses for different things so I can just buy the same type of just from different brands.
Here are a few different brush brands that are really good and I always hear bloggers I follow on about them.

Nima Brushes
Nima brushes are always the same blue colour tiffany and co. use. I ALWAYS see bloggers such as ruth Burgen and Terrie McEvoy talking about them.

Morphe Brushes

Spectrum Brushes
Spectrum use such pretty and cool colour on there brushes and there packaging is also so cute!!



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