Thursday, 13 October 2016

Who to follow - Snapchat

Its so hard to find make up artists on snapchat that are worth following in my opinion anyways. I love when they do make up tutorials rather than just showing us their personal lives that have nothing to do with make up etc. So I did some research and found quite a few people and followed them for a week or two and deleted who I didn't find so interesting/relevant. I like following people that are from Ireland or people that are young like myself because I can relate to them more. For instance I cant go to sephora and get products that mua's snapchatters in America can get. Or I cant afford all the latest and newest products out like older mua's can since I'm just a student. 

So here is my list of who you should follow on snapchat:

1. Sonia and Fyza Ali - Soniafyza

Sonia and Fyza are sisters and they work between London and the Middle East. Sonia is a Make up artist the first one in the UK to be trained by Kim Kardashian's make up artist. Fyza is also a beauty addict and they both share a blog and instagram page which are include all things beauty involved. They also have a snapchat account and starting to do more make up tutorials and show what products they use more than they used to. Fortunately for them they each look like a Kardashian/Jenner sister. Sonia is legit a twin of Kim Kardashian and Fyza looks like Kylie Jenner. Fyza does the majority of the snapchatting.

2. Michelle Regazzoli-Stone - Mrsmakeup_ie

Michelle is so funny, a brilliant make up artist too. Michelle fills us in on how busy she is with a career as a make up artist. It's hectic to say the least!! She is constantly on the go. She always videos her two adorable sons as well. When she has time she does sometimes film make up tutorials or even just shows the products she uses.

3. Rebecca Lyons - Becka MUA

Rebecca is a student herself attending a beauty course in cork. She is absolutely stunning and her make up is always flawless. I love rebecca's little make up snap tutorials as she doesn't go out spending huge amounts of money on products so I can relate to that. she uses affordable products which is what i'm interested in since i'm not able to splurge on expensive cosmetics all the time.

4. Shannon Aine Make up -Shanainedillon

I started following Shannon Aine then only realized she was on snapchat with quite some time but took a break off over summer and only starting up again recently and trying to get back into the swing on snapchatting about make up. So far she hasn't done much make up tutorials but by looking at her instagram page i'm gona continue to follow her cause I feel like I wont regret in time to come. She's gorgeous and she snaps a little about her life in general than just make up.

5.Chloé Boucher - Chloebouch

I should have put Chloé near the top of my list. Chloé who looks some how airbrushed all the time is amazing, her make up, her hair, everything. She not only shows us everything make up but also her lifestyle sort of. She seems like such a nice women on her snapchat you will fall in love with her instantly and will thank me for telling you to go follow her!!

I feel like I'm Forgetting some one or a few people but I cant put my finger on them. I can always do an updated version anyways if I come across new faces to follow.

Hope ye enjoy my list and their snaps!! x

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