Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Brush Holders

I feel like with going doing a make up course I need to start investing in new brushes and make up etc. not that I have them already but I just feel like I have to for some reason. Since I in college in Waterford during the week and then at home in cork for the weekend I don't use brush holders i just have a bag for them since its more convenient to carry them around in.

So today I was in the city and I knew at one stage Penney's had these white pretty holders but they weren't there today, but they did stock actual stock holders specifically for make up brushes. I loved the colour available, bronze, black and metallic. There are also two sizes available. The only thing i didn't like is that they are very tight in space. Also there is a lid which is difficult to put on if the holder is packed with brushes without the brush bristles bending back. Therefore I only put a few small brushes in. 

I chose the bigger size holder in the bronze colour. Even though the holder isn't my ideal one i just love the colour and my make up bag, which is also from Penney's is bronze too. The only good thing though is that it's a convenient holder when traveling.

Ideally I'd like to holders more like this:

Also while in TK Maxx there where really hand make up/brush organisers which I wish to purchase soon enough:

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